The existing economic model of taking natural resources, making, using, then disposing of products cannot be sustained. Cities, businesses and communities need a new economic model – the circular economy.

The circular economy removes waste and pollution, keeps products and materials in use and regenerates natural systems. Transition to a circular economy requires innovation, the fundamental redesign of existing systems, and the incorporation of new technology and smart materials. 

What the circular economy means for Auckland businesses

Tātaki Auckland Unlimited worked with the Sustainable Business Network (SBN) to understand how Auckland could benefit from moving to a circular economy.

Findings from a comprehensive report facilitated by SBN show that this move could create new economic opportunities for our businesses and our people, and enable a more resilient future for Auckland. There is currently a lack of awareness and understanding of how circular economy principles apply to business and industry. Auckland businesses need information, tools and skills to enable them to use circular economy ideas to create new opportunities and reduce their reliance on finite resources.

Find out more in our economic insights report Circular economy: A new dynamic for Auckland businesses.

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XLabs – New Zealand's first circular economy lab

One of Auckland Unlimited’s first circular economy initiatives was the circular innovation programme XLabs, created in partnership with Circularity and Ministry for the Environment.

XLabs allows businesses to re-imagine and accelerate their future to become circular. It creates the space for businesses to imagine, design and collaborate on new innovations for real-life challenges — right at the intersection of sustainability, science and technology.

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XLabs – Learn

Level up your knowledge of the circular economy with this online learning programme.

The short course draws from work with innovators, changemakers, governments and industries to solve environmental challenges and unlock solutions that are better for people and the planet, faster than ever before.

The programme guides you through practical and inspiring circular-by-design methods to build your capability and edge in the circular economy. 

Climate Connect Aotearoa

Climate Connect Aotearoa is a hub for collaborative climate innovation. They bring together diverse organisations to develop, demonstrate and scale the solutions needed to reduce emissions.

Climate Connect Aotearoa will focus its efforts on four sectors:  energy, food, transport and the built environment. They encourage companies operating in these areas to partner with them to solve climate-related challenges and share expertise with other partners.