Create Auckland 2030 is a 10-year plan to grow the creative economy in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland. The plan recognises how Auckland creatives and creative industries enrich the cultural and economic life of Tāmaki Makaurau and its diverse communities.

In collaboration with the region’s creative industries, Tātaki Auckland Unlimited developed an Auckland-specific 10-year plan to support this important part of our regional economy. Working with industry, we identified new ways of doing things and thinking that will help Auckland’s creative businesses and industries thrive. The plan provides strategic direction for ongoing activity and decision-making at Tātaki Auckland Unlimited and is available as a resource for those working in or with our region’s creative industries.

Vision: Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland navigating towards a global creative capital. 

Mission: We celebrate, support and enable the creative economy as pivotal to our wellbeing, intrinsic to regional identity and key to our economic transformation.

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The opportunity

Auckland’s creative industries generate:

  • Employment for more than 57,500 people
  • 50 per cent of New Zealand’s creative sector GDP
  • $7.8 billion in GDP
  • 5.4 per cent average growth over the past five years, outpacing the rest of Auckland’s economy

Auckland is home to 50 per cent of New Zealand’s creative workforce and forecasts suggest there will be more than 6,800 new job openings in the region’s creative industries from 2023 through to the end of 2027.

Te Puna Creative Quarter, Henderson

Tātaki Auckland Unlimited and Te Kawerau ā Maki, a west Auckland-based iwi, are collaborating to strengthen and expand the region’s creative industries sector through the development of an economic masterplan for Te Puna Creative Quarter, Henderson.

An economic masterplan blends spatial and economic planning, looking at a geographic area with an economic lens. It considers what a local economy should be known for or aspire to be, and how this can be achieved.

Te Kawerau ā Maki has gifted the name Te Puna to the vision for a creative quarter in Henderson, which is designed to grow the profile of west Auckland as a hub of creative excellence. Puna are springs in the waterways of a tribe's lands. People came together by these waters to cleanse and to connect with each other.

Te Puna will be a circuit of creative industries linking Henderson village, Corban Estate Arts Centre and Auckland Film Studios. Radiating outwards like ripples, will be integrated services and education providers, designed to create pathways and opportunities for talent and ideas.

Next steps

Actions from Create Auckland 2030, delivered in partnership with industry, underway or complete include:

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Participating in regional and national policies and planning for workforce and skills development to grow the creative tech sector’s talent pipeline. Developed proof-of-concept for creative digital ecosystem platform sharing information about creative careers and business opportunities.

Creative Commercial Essentials

Developed programme to boost the business skills of 40 Auckland creative businesses and entrepreneurs. Delivered in partnership with online creative hub, The Big Idea, this programme is now open for expressions of interest from prospective partners for further delivery.

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Spaces and Places

Supporting and developing places and infrastructure to facilitate creative industries and exports such as Click Studios; new sound stages at Auckland Film Studios; Te Puna Creative Quarter, Henderson; and regulatory conditions for filming.

Investment and Export

Attracting international projects and clients, connecting them with Auckland’s creative industries. Creating conditions for scaling creative enterprises and connecting them locally and globally through Te Puna Creative Quarter, Henderson.

Creativity is identified globally as one of the key skills required to make the workforce our world - both people and place - needs now and in the future.

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